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Progressing strapless movement is at the heart of this dedicated freestyle performer's DNA. A fast and responsive ride that blends yhe line between surf-style carving and skate-style strapless riding, the Comp as outstanding speed and edge control in a range of conditions, with a unique 3-stage rocker that combines speed with aggressive pop, and adds forgiveness for easy tail first or off-axis landings. The contoured double concave deck with toe bump and rear wedge kick maximises traction and control when powered up, allowing you to take to the air without straps. Push your limits with the comp, your competitive edge. 



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Dedicato al Freestyle, il COMP è progettato per rimanere con te attraverso le manovre e per pop su richiesta. Compatto nelle dimensioni e molto maneggevole, il Comp ha un controllo della velocità e dei bordi eccezionale in tutte  le condizioni,  Spingi i tuoi limiti con Comp.